Ginevra Pistolesi,Sylvya Boschiero,Ariel Bellvalaire, Jimena Fosado,Andressa Mouxi,Bruna Terroni, Yuki: For the Love of God - Steve Vai

Guitar Cover of "For the Love of God" by Steve Vai - Played by 8 girls
Title: For the Love of Vai
A collaboration of 8 female guitarists with the Female Rockers project.
A tribute to Steve Vai honoring his loving support of the Female Rockers project and inspiring millions of guitarists around the world.
Organized and created by Morrie Y
Mixed and mastered by Ale St√ľckner
Video Editing: TheSaadStudio
Musicians in order of Appearance
00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Ginevra Pistolesi
01:03 - Ash
01:43 - Sylvya 02:22 - Ariel Bellvalaire
03:01 - Jimena Fosado
03:40 - Andressa Mouxi
04:20 - Bruna Terroni
05:00 - Yuki (D_Drive)
06:23 - Credits
This collaboration was organized and executed by Female Rockers. For more info visit
Female Rockers of the World Project This is a song cover and the original music is by "Steve Vai", the song "For the Love of God". He (or his label) holds the copyright for the song and this video is made under the guidelines of "fair use". Any copying, reposting, sampling, or any usage of the contents of this video whatsoever, however, is entitled to official written permission from the Female Rockers project:
copyright ©️ 2021
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