Handyka Krisna Dharmawan: beyond beyond beyond

The Youngest Virtuoso Gutarist in Bali pt.1

The Youngest Virtuoso Gutarist in Bali pt.2

Handyka Krisna Dharmawan was born on 1st July 1993 in Tabanan,Bali. He attends SMP Negeri Tabanan, Bali. Krisna must be the youngest guitar virtuoso that I have ever seen. He has incorporated many of the tapping ideas of Stanley Jordan and another amazing tapper I Wayan Balawan. His current band is Pandawa Band.

Along with the above players Krisna also likes Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Marty Friedmen and Steve Vai.

Now if you thought that I Wayan Balawan was special then check this kid out ...amazing...Listen to some demos