Glen Drover: instrumental overload

Brave worlds get the scoop

Glen Drover says:
"As promised, I have some new info on the recording of the new instrumental project I will be doing with Stephan Forte (ADAGIO) pertaining to some "guest players" who be contributing a solo on the record.

As I write this, the following have agreed to do so: Jorn Viggo, Gus G, Jorn Viggo , Jeff Waters , Chris Caffery, Chris Poland, Ron Jarzombek, Jeff Young, Slav Simanic .

Stephan and myself are talking to a few other players, so there will be updates on this as soon as they confirm... Believe me, a few people I am trying to confirm are some of my favorite players (as is with those so that already did confirm), so this is going to be a great project for myself and Stephan.

We are doing this for no other reason than we want to, as we have a total "carte blanche" as to what style of music we are going to take, we only know at this point that there will be a ton of guitars on it :)

Much more on this in due time.........Talk to you soon, Glen."