Calvin Prior: portrait of a shredder as a young man

Calvin Prior entered guitar idol 2008... only thirteen years old... but can shred with the best of them:

Polarised - My Guitar Idol 2008 Entry

13 year old guitarist playing some funk rock

Calvin is on MySpace:

Calvin has been playing guitar since the age of 10, since that day he devotes most of his social hours to playing.

Calvin was taught by Robin Hirschfeld in the beginning (excellent ex-Hurricane Party guitarist), Robin taught him how to shred man!! along with all the basics to get started and, most importantly, gave him the desire to go forward. Sadly, Calvin lost contact with Robin.

More recently, Calvin has been directed by his bass playing Dad, who has taught him advanced mode playing, chord structure, jazz & blues concepts and tweaking his timing.

Calvin spends up to 6 hours a day practising and teaching himself the latest cool techniques from internet workshops, guitar books and from out & out dedication. As a result, Calvin has developed his own sound, riffs, techniques and licks along the way, indeed, he has many trademark licks he can call his own.

Calvin's influences are a mixed bag of players including George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Vernon Reid, Slash, Tom Morello and many more.

He attends many jam nights at local events, with a burning ambition to become one of the top players by the time he is 18 - so watch this space, 'cause he will be there!!! .