Prashant Aswani: guitar jam daily grabs prashant for a new guitar tuition column

Prashant Aswani here and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about a series of new columns that I will be writing for GuitarJamDaily featuring some of my specialties. On the menu we have:

1. Production: Making an album from beginning to end. Creating an initial concept or genre. Making a harmony into a fully developed song with a hook and melody that leave the listener wanting more. Creating parts that give continuity to the rhythmic groove.

2. Tone search: Finding that perfect lead tone that fits the song. Isolating frequencies so the tone cuts in a mix. Exploring pedals and amps and guitars and pickups and mic pres.

3. Aswani Technique: Exploring my personal technique to playing rhythm and soloing. Hybrid and picking techniques will be discussed.

4. Impact Soloing: My signature approach to improvising. Using different chordal substitutions and scales to create a vibe. Also developing motifs to have continuity in the solo.

5. Composition: Take a look at arranging instrumental tunes to keep them interesting without losing the direction. Writing a melody that can be sung and also keeping the groove alive!

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Thanks to Rich Murry at guitar channel for the news