Gianluca Ferro, Frank Caruso, Stefano Sebo Xotta, Patrick Rondat,

Translated from Spanish:
III Night Rondat Patrick guitars and 24 strings by Alex
On 21st November at the Auditorium Casa de Cultura de Peralta (Navarra) act Rondat Patrick (guitarist Jean-Michelle Jarre, Consortium Project, Elegy and G3 with Satriani) along with 24 strings, a new project formed by Stefano xott, Gianluca Ferro and Frank Caruso owes its name to that are three guitarists who play with 8-string Ibanez guitars.

The event will begin at 22:00 with a performance of 24 Strings, and Patrick Rondat start at 23:15. The ticket price is € 20 and € 25 for advance ticket (reservations

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