Bill Berends: Firebird Strings On Fire

This one might have missed the cut... but awesome all the same!
Another take on the Firebird... but a day too late for the contest. Oh well... I played it in time, I just didn't edit the video last night, too tired. Here is my first video with the 335 which I finished in time:

I was pretty annoyed at this point because I did what I thought was a great take and Windows Movie Maker jammed up resulting in a 30 second loop... aaarrrggh!! So here is take two and three... I did an edit for visual purposes, mainly because I wanted to see the Firebird headstock. These guitars rock!

Anyway, this was fun. All the settings are the same as the 335 video so you can hear the difference between the guitars. I though what would be more appropriate than Strings on Fire on a Firebird. :) Thanks for looking!

ps: I had to put on darker shades because the halogen lamp was killing me.

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Bill Berends - Firebird Strings On Fire - Truth In Shredding