Michael Angelo Batio, Doug Marks: Essential Guitar Techniques


“Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD by Michael Angelo Batio and Doug Marks

Michael Angelo Batio and Doug Marks chose twelve techniques that are absolutely essential for guitar mastery. The “Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD is for all levels of playing experience from beginner to advanced. These are all new demonstrations of techniques that have been explained in previous programs. This is actually a "sampler" from Doug Marks' Complete Basic Course and Michael Angelo Batio's Speed Lives and Kills.

Who Will Benefit From This Program?
If you're new to Michael or Doug Marks, this will demonstrate how they teach. If you're curious about Michael's technique but think that his DVDs might be too difficult, this will show you his most important exercises. Or, maybe you just might want to see what Michael and Doug are up to.

We also include a couple of Michael's performances from previous programs: “Prog” and “Hands Without Shadows.” MAB even teaches a section from his most popular song,
“No Boundaries.”

Below is a list of the topics covered in the “Essential Guitar Techniques” DVD:

Michael Angelo Batio
Advanced Techniques
- Edited version of Prog performance from Speed Kills 3
- Hands Without Shadows performance from Speed Lives 2
- Demonstration of Michael's three signature series guitars
- Alternate picking
- Economy picking
- Riff from No Boundaries (Speed Lives Ex. 17)
- Am arpeggio

Doug Marks
Beginner Techniques
- How to properly fret notes (pull, don't squeeze)
- How to properly hold a pick
- Proper fretting and picking technique

Intermediate Techniques
- Stage 4 solo performed
- Basic barre chords
- Hammer-on
- Pull-off
- Hammer-pull
- Tell the Truth solo performed
- Using the barre for efficient picking

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