Sylvie Catez-Doré, Stephane Jeannin: Imperioso

Born in 2009, Imperioso is the solo project of Steph, guitarist graduated from MAI (Music International Academy), ex-Aquilon. Influenced at first by thrash metal bands (Sepultura, Kreator ...), then by symphonic progressive and power bands (Symphony X, Almah, Angra ...), his musical universe is also inspired by the world of soundtracks and video games ...

He meets Sylvie in 2003 and some time later becomes his guitar teacher. They share the same musical tastes (especially for Brazilian metal : Almah, Angra, Sepultura, Astafix, Khallice) and a passion for rhythm study. Working together covers, compositions, riffs, they decided to create Imperioso, an instrumental project, whose debut EP, still untitled, is now in a composition and pre-production phase. Their common goal is to provide an instrumental music of quality, mixing their various influences to create their own musical universe.