Paul Gilbert: Racer X shrapnel records CD's to be remastered and re-released

Jenn from metalichicka says:
King Records (Japan) has decided to re-release the 20 ‘debut’ albums from Shrapnel. The street / on-sale date is Nov. 10, 2010. The audio will (tenatively) be re-mastered. The liner notes or each album will be re-written and the re-issues will come in limited edition paper (cardboard) sleeves. This re-release will be happening in Japan – so these will be “domestic releases”. Hopefully King Records will be able to distribute throughout Japan – which means the titles will be available at the places where people who live outside of Japan shop: CDJapan, Amazon JP, Tower Records, HMV Online, etc. Hopefully collectors all over the world can access this material. Check out metalichika for the full details