Rusty Cooley: to host GuitarAsylumTV

GuitarAsylumTV Houston, Texas, United States:
Guitar Asylum TV is a new television program about insane guitar techniques, celebrity guitar guests and everything and anything about guitar. Our host is none other than Houston native world-renowned shred guitarist Rusty Cooley. Many rock guitarist today such as Creed/Alter Bridge Guitarist Mark Tremonti; Dream Theater's John Petrucci; Michael Angelo Batio and others credit Rusty's shred style as pushing the outer limits of guitar to boundaries not yet explored. So come on into Rusty Cooley's Guitar Asylum - the greatest place on earth for the musically insane!

Guitar Asylum's host Rusty Cooley and Executive Producer Ward "Dr. B" Bond getting ready to bring you the most insanely, awesome guitar television show ever created - Rusty Cooley's Guitar Asylum TV - THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH FOR THE MUSICALLY INSANE!