Richard Lundmark: Egnater super demo!

Richard Lundmark:
This Egnater rebel 30 half stack arrived in time to start off the New Year, so I decided to record a demo of it. The demo is very long (30min+) so get yourself a large cup of java and get ready for an excessive amount of “Swenglish” and guitar noodling =)
I’ve demoed the amp miced up, used the built-in recording out, and also used line out into impulse responses. Furthermore I’ve used the Leqtique OD pedal and a PRS513 and 1971 LP. Check out the video info for further details. You can either click the image on the left to go directly to the clip on YouTube

Egnater Rebel 30 half stack (extensive) demo

PRS 513 meets Leqtique OD

Richard will also be at NAMM