Jeremy Barnes: plans for 2013 to include Tom Geldschläger and Jimmy Pitts

Jeremy Barnes
Just going through everything I want to accomplish musically this year, wow, I gotta a lot a of work to do. There'll be a JB funk fusion record, a rock vocal project with some kick ass friends of mine ( to be announced soon), a collaboration with Jimmy Pitts and Tom Geldschläger, I still have to release the 25 year anniversary of playing guitar single, weekend gigs with the mighty ( and others from time to time) and there are a couple of surprises which I can't say anything about yet. I think there may be more stuff with Eddie Kohen too, so all in all, I'm outta control...and I like it!! Oh and I Almost forgot, there'll also be some kind of keys/guitar fusion record with the awesome Matt McLaren just in case I run out of things to do