Divaldi Addina: Perpetual Burn - live - Soeltan Cafe 2013

Divaldi Addina at Soeltan coffe

This is my evening perform @Soeltan Coffee.
i play perpetual there.. and it was sooooo awesome.. really Fast.. !!!

Thank you very very very much to Dear uncle Mike Carparelli, and Terry.
and to Mr. Jason Becker..thank you for the wonderful song... to uncle Laurie Monk,..for the Cool Shreddelicious.com.
and to uncle Rob Wright..(i played this song ..its for you too )
and to all my wonderful ..uncles,aunties,brothers,sisters and friends in my Fb.
i love love love love y'all...
thank you very very very much for all your greatest Support...

and also..
I would like to thanks to all my friends for being there for me..
friends from DOM (Dance Of Magic Mahendra Kusuma, Dewa Kusuma).. thanks guys..for watching me there and
great support.

( Divaldi )

(HD) Divaldi Addina.-PERPETUAL BURN- LIVE @Soeltan Cafe October 26th