Truth In Shredding: Top 10 picks for Guitar Idol 4

Looking at my top 20 videos, this was now the hardest aspect for me... to get down to 10 tracks suitable for the Guitar Idol 4 final. If you have listened to my top 20  there were lots of awesome tracks to pick from, but now  it's just 10 tracks that can be selected this time.  So now more dedicated listening. I leave the tracks to run in the background as I work.


Again I focused on the tune first, looking for a memorable melody. Having listened to the tracks for a great number of times, I already have a feeling about the tracks I would like to hear at the final. The quality of the top 20 is very high.  The video quality is no longer an issue. Guitar skills are still highly rated... but now My my final selection is decided by "Would I buy a copy of this track"

Apologies if you didn't make it onto my top 10 list. Does not mean you are not great, just it didn't my stringent criteria.

10 videos, 47 minutes

Guitar Idol 4 - Top 10

So how did I compare to the selection of all the Guitar Idol judges?  2 out of 8, but no surprise to me and my experience of judging competitions. The selection is NOT as straight forward as you may think and often times the judges have different views.  I'm looking forward to seeing the final!

Thanks to all the people who entered.

Truth In Shredding Top 8

  1. Keven Eknes
  2. Pritesh Walia
  3. Leonardo Guzman
  4. Jack Gardiner
  5. Stephen Ross
  6. Fidel De Jesus
  7. Cameron Allen
  8. Jason Spell

Guitar Idol Top 8

  1. Jack Gardiner
  2. Yiannis Papadopoulos II
  3. Cameron Allen
  4. Damir Puh
  5. Morgan Reid
  6. Mike Tillotson
  7. Luca Mantovanelli
  8. Andre Nieri official