Renaud Louis-Servais: announces show for Epic Circus - excellent fusion album featuring Virgil Donati

1 Carry'n 6:50
2 Freedom (feat. Philippe Saisse) 6:06
3 Zaku Patatu (feat. Philippe Saisse) 6:21
4 Long Breath 5:48
5 Epic Circus (feat. Virgil Donati, Philippe Saisse) 6:32
6 Techno City (feat. Virgil Donati) 6:20
7 When You've Got Nothing 3:59
8 All Minor Blues (feat. Philippe Saisse) 4:50
9 The Beauty of Life 4:25

Renaud Louis-Servais Group

For the release of the album "Epic Circus"
Renaud Louis-Servais - guitar;
Henri Dorina - bass;
Christophe Cravero - keyboards;
Aurel Ouzoulias - Drums

The French guitarist Renaud Louis-Servais is one of the most accomplished of the current jazz-rock-fusion stage talents. True phenomenon of the guitar, Renaud likes to surprise and transcend musical boundaries. His first album "Iluna", marked by elegant and personal compositions received excellent reviews from the music press, both in France and abroad. To mark the official launch of the album "EPIC CIRCUS" September 19 next to Sunset, Renaud Louis-Servais and RLSG interpret the titles recorded with the cooperation of world-renowned musicians, such as drummer Virgil Donati (Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson ...) or keyboardists Philippe Saisse (Al Di Meola, The Rolling Stones, Al Jarreau, Claude Nougaro, David Sanborn ...), Christophe Cravero (Billy Cobham, Didier Lockwood ... ), Aurel Ouzoulias (Christophe Godin, Chi Coltrane, Ron Thal ...) and Henri Dorina (Paco Sery, Mokhtar Samba, Native, Rido Bayonne ...). Sunset, Paris, in jazz rock release.

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Renaud Louis-Servais - Epic Circus (feat. Virgil Donati, Philippe Saisse & Henri Dorina)