Bryan Baker: Alive and Well and still on his journey to play nearly impossible stuff

Bryan Baker

It seems like the sole question put to me by students and fans throughout the past few months has been regarding what I'm practicing, new methods being discovered through this material, etc.

So, here's what's on the music stand as of late.

Bach, Tarrega, Takemitsu and Britten are desert island absolutes to be disputed by no mortal soul, but Sight Reading Mastery by Chadwick E. Becks, which I just sort of stumbled onto recently has been such a blast to work with. Its engagingly original lack of any semblance of rhythm or bars keeps your position-focused reading razor sharp, while also allowing the player to manipulate the material in real time (using a pick-free, classical right hand exclusively), producing some very fresh and, depending on how far you stretch it, nearly impossible stuff to play, which is basically my constant goal. Very cool book. Highly recommended.

Back to the shed!

Bryan Baker 2016 Solo