Nick Johnston: Tone Sessions – Rosette® Combo & TC-50™ Combo – “Atomic Mind”

Maestro Nick Johnston delivers another stunning performance in the Mesa Amp Lounge with the song “Atomic Mind” through a red-stained Flame Maple Triple Crown TC-50 1x12 combo and the Rosette 2x8 Combo.

The acoustic section through the Rosette starts the song off with an intentionally crisp and articulate rhythm that blooms when doubled while still maintaining control and clarity.

The melody and solo is played through Ch. 2 of the TC-50 with a huge variety of expressive tones available from just one setting, particularly when used with the instrument’s volume control and great technique. With the Gain control up almost all the way, the options for exceptional note detail and sweet clip when rolling the volume control back is vast. Or - attention-grabbing gain and liquid feel is unleashed as instrument volume is rolled up and the player digs in. The Triple Crown provides outstanding touch-sensitivity and three-dimensional TUBE TONE across it’s three simple channels.

Acoustic sounds recorded with a Taylor 814ce with Expression System II pickup into the Rosette Ch. 2 Input. Mic’d with a stereo pair of AKG 414s and the Rosette DI in the POST position.

The Electric sounds are recorded with a Schecter Nick Johnston Traditional signature guitar with Schecter NJ Atomic pickups into the Red Stain Flame Maple TC-50 1x12 Combo with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. Mic’d with a Shure KSM313 and a Shure SM57. Mixed 50% KSM313 and 50% SM57 and a Valhalla Smooth Plate Reverb at 30% and a UAD Dual Delay at 35%.

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Tone Sessions: Nick Johnston – Rosette® Combo & TC-50™ Combo – “Atomic Mind”

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