Sergey Mavrin: Clinic videos - Wings, The Forbidden Reality and Warriors

Mavrin has had many years of trouble with his left hand - his fingers do not move much. That's why he was FORCED to invent his new method of playing (the so-called "touch style"), where the right hand plays the main role. The fact that he did not quit music and was able to develop the skill to that level (with an almost non-functioning left hand, I remind) is almost a feat. In this regard, accuse Mavrin that he "has already fainted with his touch style" is .. how to say ... the last-degree bastardy, black swinishness and abomination. Of course, I understand that the critics simply do not understand the guitar technique at all, and therefore they do not hear, they do not see and UNDERSTAND what Mavrin does, but nevertheless.

Sergey Mavrin Wings (I'm free)

Sergey Mavrin The Forbidden Reality

Sergey Mavrin Warriors

Live show performance

Sergey Mavrin The Forbidden Reality