Alex Hutchings : Joshua new track for 2018

Here's a new track for you guys I hope you like it.
It's one of 3 filmed on the same day but all written at different times.
The others will be uploaded in the coming weeks so look out for those too.

I have many ideas just sat on my hard drive collecting dust so I figured in the coming months I'd 'dust them off' and put them up in the hope that some of you would dig 'em.... So this is part of of 3.
Let me know what you guys think and if you'd like to see more and I'll try to do more and more as and when I can.

Cheers for now.

This track was recorded using the GT-1000 directly into my Roland Octa-Capture with 2 XLR cables.

Alex Hutchings : Joshua new track for 2018