Wes Thrailkill: Everything that is You

Hey Guys! I'm putting together a new record titled 'Everything that is You'. For 14 years my band went by the name 'Mammoth' and it recently underwent a name change to avoid further confusion. It was concerning on our last tour, when our bus mates thought we were going to be a bunch of behemoths from England... So in light of that and among other numerous snafus regarding the name debacle, I've decided to start going by my last name - Thrailkill.

This will be my 9th studio release in the past 6 years. With this change comes a brand new lineup. Our good friend Lang Zhao is stepping in on drums along with our bassist from 'Deviations', Yas Nomura. The record also features a number of guest artists, new and old who have elevated the sound even further. I've always tried to produce something different with each release, so this time I created a conceptual record with a theme that goes through different harmonic variations. To me, the result is incredibly personal, and I hope that the music can convey a message of awareness and appreciation of our short time spent here together.