Marshall Harrison: Streetwise Guitar interview with Marshall with advice for Mastering Shred Guitar

Just like yourselves, I was surfing YouTube searching for more insight on how to develop my technique. I found Marshall's channel and I started watching his live stream. I began to transcribe a few lines. That effort turning into the "Livestream Volume 1" book. I worked extremely hard to nail every pickstroke and every left hand finger placement. I am proud to say I nailed all of it.I sent the booklet to Marshall and we became fast friends since then.

I continued on to author "Livestream Volume II" where I did the same. I was so enthralled with the ease at what Marshall does and though we have very different ways of playing, I saw his methodology something that could apply to what I was doing. I offered the name "Swybryd Nation" to Marshall and I am honoured that he has chosen to name his website such.

You can find all of Marshall's products at:

Since there are no sound files nor video that accompany the written materials, I would recommend booking a Skype lesson with him. He can be reached at

About Me:
I was a guitar professor at University of Miami Frost School of Music, in the Studio Music and Jazz Program for 17 years and I have been teaching at Miami International University for the past 10 years. I also teach guitar out of my studio in Miami, Florida and as well as teaching via Skype.

Mastering Shred Guitar with Marshall Harrison