Nick Johnston: A casual chat with Kris Barocsi

Hey guys! Grab a drink, sit down and spare 24 minutes of your time for an incredible guy called Nick Johnston.

We had a casual chat about his playing, his way of practising, his style, his relation to gear and about playing live music. We had a few jams too, which nearly made me wet my pants. Ha ha!

Nick is talking about very important things, watch the whole interview if you can. You will learn from it for sure. I definitely did!

This is the 1st video in my "A casual chat with..." series, I hope you like it. :)

If you're only interested in the playing you'll find enough at:

Gear used in this video:
-Schecter Nick Johnston USA AS
-Schecter Nick Johnston USA Custom AFR
-Orange Rockerverb 50 combo
-Blackstar HT Club 40 combo
-Sommer cables

A casual chat with NICK JOHNSTON | Interview | Kris Barocsi