Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Advanced Hybrid Picking Etudes Vol.2

The Volume 2 of Advanced Hybrid Picking Etudes is here! "The perfect resource for any guitarist interested in improving or widening their abilities with hybrid picking!" -- PLINI Package includes: Ebook, Videos, Audios, Backing Tracks (go to page 1 to access the link) Angular, challenging, and creative etudes! Inside/outside, vamps, 12-tone, Messiaen modes, arpeggios, triads, lines, etc! One of the things I do to develop my own vocabulary is to regularly write down ideas I come up with. Some of these ideas turn into tunes, others into etudes. This book series is a collection of advanced hybrid picking etudes that originated from combining those ideas. I call it “advanced” because most of the etudes require a high level of independence and control of both hands. I also think that it is important to be familiar with jazz chords, arpeggios, and scales in order to fully take advantage of the music presented here. If you have any of my previous publications — Hybrid Picking for Guitar, Hybrid Picking Exercises: Single Note Permutations, or Hybrid Picking Lines & Licks — this book series will allow you to further develop the technique through solo guitar studies and apply it to your own phrasing, composition, and improvisation. Each study comes with suggested fingerings (standard notation and TABS). The etudes also mix legato (hammer-on/pull-off), alternate picking (strictly up and down strokes) and sweep picking (economy picking), but you can also choose to use fingerstyle/classical technique to play them.

Advanced Hybrid Picking Etudes Vol.2 by GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL

Advanced Hybrid Picking Etudes Vol.1 GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL