Daniel Weiss: Thank You ALL! + Review + K4Y Covers you sent me

Daniel Weiss - K4Y (New Single!)
Bharat Sharma reviews the new single
K4Y! What does K4Y mean? Does it imply a truth towards shredding? Perhaps, it suggests the digit "4" was an intentional amalgam between two implicate letters? Is it a key to something bigger, a vision: Daniel's upcoming album - Dive? Or is it subject to chance, being the hot new Jazz Rock Fusion tune that is rapidly multiplying its views and plays on several social media platforms, while gaining the necessary traction and trust among the active internet community?
I feel, it is a start of an exciting new conversation between Daniel Weiss (Guitar), Yaniv Taubenhouse (Piano/Synth), Yogev Gabay (Drums) and Iggy Jackson-Cohen (Bass) that brings to life the ebb and flow of rhythm to an innate sense of sincerity and unrestricted flow. Strangely, moreover, I cannot help but feel that "Thundercats" are on the move and loudly announcing thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats hooo… Adieu Nostalgia.
Never mind, as I write this review, "K4Y" is continuing to be played in my background (on loop of course), perhaps for the thirty-third time. (Could it also be the average age of these gentlemen? Elegant ladies of the world, you may want to enquire).
Surprisingly enough, with each new listen, I am sensing the incremental unfolding feel of the subtle transitions between personal pulse and the implied time within "K4Y". (Help! I can't get the lick between 2:13 and 2:19, out my head). Also, I still cannot decide, which out of the following; the frighteningly fast finger-melting licks on guitar, piano and synth, the tight n’ tasty bass lines or that killer drum solo towards the end, raised the hair on the back of my neck? Oh wait, or was it the nostalgia of that "Thundercats" roar? Can't say! Fun fact: Did you know, that Yogev played drums with Tigran Hamasyan the other day? (All the rhythm fanatics across the world, you may want to find out more, just saying!).
It is no wonder, K4Y, well deservedly, made it to Spotify's Fusion Fest playlist {https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX0aSJooo0zWR?si=0BR2ScNkTnCcHYdQKjMD4g}, as well as being featured on Israel's premier radio station.
BTW, watch out! For the sword that Daniel is holding, and the new sword fighting.......Oops! I mean guitar fighting combos and techniques, abundantly available at his YouTube channel. {https://www.youtube.com/Dweiss2112}. Nonetheless explore this compelling new single "K4Y" and "Dive" deep into an incredible concoction of instrumental prowess and delicious textural delicacies. (Oh Boy! I am hungry now, time to eat some more songs from the album).
P.S. If one develops a burning desire to shred along this new track K4Y, check out Daniel's website for a transcript and a backing track. {https://weissguitar.com/k4y-bundle/}.

Thank You ALL! + K4Y Covers you sent me