Daniele Gottardo: Inside/Outside Playing

I’m back with my Patreon weekly mini-lessons after working the last few months on my upcoming album. This great loop from the amazing Vicki Genfan, served as inspiration for this month’s solo and associated mini lessons. There is a LOT to talk about in terms of technical and harmonic content, so this will be a dense month!
Vicki Genfan will be teaching with Jennifer Batten, Gretchen Menn, and Angela Petrilli at Guitar Cloud Symposium, an online guitar camp, October 16-19. You can find out more at www.guitarcloudsymposium.com and also check out the collaboration video Vicki, Jennifer, Gretchen, and Angela did over this same backing track.

Daniele Gottardo - Inside/Outside Playing

Daniele Gottardo Plays Liadov Op. 57 - 3. Mazurka in F Minor