John Hahn: Fuel Injection (Music Video Official) - sounding awesome!

"Undiscovered World" is available now on CD or Digital Download! "Fuel Injection" is the opening track from Undiscovered World. This is an up-tempo, high energy rocking tune from start to finish featuring Carl Canedy (The Rods, Canedy) on drums. This song gets the blood pumping and sets the tone for the CD. Over these many years through my musical journey - playing, touring (estimated over 1600 shows), writing and recording, I have had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with so many people and have shared a lifetime of incredible memories! Guitar is my passion, and this new release is a snapshot of where I am at this point in time as a player and writer. It is my hope that as my style evolves, current friends and fans will enjoy the material as well as introducing a new audience to my music. I feel as though I have captured my best writing and playing in this release. Please spread the word…for many, my music is still an “Undiscovered World”.


  1. Dream Theater meets Joe Satriani, Another incredible performance by John Hahn!


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