Claudio Pietronik: When Stars Ignite (Official Music Video)

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This is "When Stars Ignite" from the incredible @Claudio Pietronik. A wild ride of electronica, guitar and a whole lot more. Taken from the brand new album "Ad Astra".
With Ad Astra, Claudio Pietronik displays his abilities as a virtuoso guitarist upon a backdrop of dystopian soundscapes and ultra-modern synthwave inspired scores.
“Ad Astra represents the phases and events that go through our existence depicted through a journey into space. It's how I imagine my story, and I would like you to do the same while listening to it; imagining what each track represents for you, and mentally designing your story in the best of ways! This is definitely the biggest project I have ever worked on and I put all my energy into making it happen. I really hope you like it!” - Claudio Pietronik.
Choose the Deluxe edition for the full album, along with backings, music video playthrough, nine video extracts and complete tab/notation. Standalone album, plus backings and tab options also available.
Claudio uses @Elixir Strings
"I love Elixir Strings. I used them for the full album and to me, you can really hear how they benefited the tone!" - Claudio Pietronik
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Elixir Strings:
More from Claudio: Composed, produced, mixed by Claudio Pietronik
Mastering: Simone Mularoni of Domination Studio
Artwork: Simone Bertozzi
Video Editing/Shooting: Matteo Ermeti
Carnaby Club Rimini (When Stars Ignite)
Guitars: Negrini Guitars - GNG
Strings: Elixir

Claudio Pietronik | When Stars Ignite (Official Music Video)