Roy Marchbank: Law of Three Live at The Marrs Bar Worcester 20-07-2023

The first gig with Law of Thr3 was a proud day for me. Not only am I now playing with two of the most outrageously brilliant musicians on the planet, I can actually play freely for the first time in my adult life as a guitarist. It feels incredible to let loose!
I've mostly been a session musician, recording for other artists throughout my career, playing the role of side man on tour or in the studio etc. Although those times have been a fantastic learning experience and have challenged me to play every genre, they never allowed me the opportunity to truly do my own thing LIVE. I love playing live, especially when improvising with a band this intuitive and dialled into each other.
I feel like the genie having emerged from the lamp, except the three wishes have been granted all at once, in the form of Law of Thr3. I could not feel more grateful. What a blessing!

LAW Of THR3 LIVE at The Marrs Bar Worcester 20-07-2023

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