Jill Yan: six months later

An interview with Jill on Guitar9

Jill Yan has released his latest CD called B4 which you can purchase from guitar9

Jill Yan was born in Switzerlabd and started playing guitar from 8 years old. He liked rock music from bands like AC/DC and Van Halen, which inspired him to play better.

He got really involved when he heard Steve Vai's "Blue Powder". Since then he became obsessed with the guitar and started formal lessons. He attended GIT in Los Angeles, California. Some of his teachers included Scott Henderson, and Joe Diorio.

After leaving GIT he formed his first band "Century City" who played extensive progressive instrumentals. He later joined a vocal band, but returned to guitar to record and release Guitar Garbage 1.1 and 1.2.

Check out his web site for a full:
You can also buy Guitar Garbage 1.2 from guitar9.