Jonas Hörnqvist: full to capacity

Jonas Hörnqvist has a news update, he's:
Recording the "Deathriders" CD with Neil Turbin entitled "A fate worse than death"
Recording a couple of solos for the Norwegian power metal band "Gaia epicus".
Recording a couple of solos for the American glam/metal band "Untaymed".
Working together with a couple of guys from Mexico on a new project called "Architect". Singer from that band is Gus from the French progressive metal band "Adagio"
Writing new tunes for Treasure Lands 3rd full length release
Finishing up my instrumental CD. 3 more songs and it's finished.
Working on my 2nd guitar book. Even though the first one isn't released until Aug 08, I like to be ahead of the game.
Teaching a lot of guitar.

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