Jan Akkerman: a touch of class dvd

Jan Akkerman A Touch of Class: order
Disc 1
1. Britannia 2. Heavy Treasure 3. Sylvia 4. Hocus Pocus 5. Streetwalker II 6. Just Because 7. Everything Must Change 8. A Galliard by Anthonie Holbourne 9. Pietons (with Hocus Pocus) 10. Bonus Tracks: Pietons 11. Just Because
Jan Akkerman was already a major music figure in his native Holland when He formed Focus with keyboard player Thijs van Leer in 1970. Focus would go on to massive worldwide success during the early seventies playing sell out concerts and recording hugely successful albums. Akkerman however became restless and left the band in 1976 opting for a solo career and occasional collaborations, which is pretty much how he continues to this day.

The material on this DVD is almost exclusively taken from two albums - Jan's then current offering ' Can't Stand Noise ' and ' Tabernakel ' - the first album of five solo albums Akkerman released with Atlantic Records throughout the 70's. The performance was captured at a specially arranged concert for television at The Venue in 1983 and since the original broadcast has rarely been seen.

The production not only features highlights of the performance at the Venue but also Jan in conversation discussing his music that he had candidly describes as adapted from the best of baroque and black music. There is also footage of Jan playing the lute so as to illuminate the breadth of a talent still held out as one of the worlds finest.
Somewhat understandably included within the film is the reference point of BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test footage of Akkerman playing Sylvia and Hocus Pocus with Focus in 1973.

Also included as a bonus feature is a performance from Dutch television some 18 months later to show Akkerman masterfully revisiting the tunes ' Pietons ' and ' Just Because ' on an updated version of the then new midi synth guitar an instrument few had dared to play and even fewer had mastered. This DVD will certainly be a must for long time fans of Jan Akkerman and also fans of fine guitar music.