João Neto: TRex Milan Polak Strings On Fire 2 - ALERT top shred guitar!

Strings on fire II - João Neto JNT Hello everybody, my name is Joao Neto, I play guitar for over 15 years and do instrumental music. Working with music production workshops and works minister and guitar in the south and throughout Brazil.

'm Endorsee of brands:

LEDUR guitars, which just produced a signature guitar for me, the LEDUR WISDOM, cedar body, arm in ivory, rosewood scale, marking in floral custom paint + varnish, hand 4 / 2. The arm's piece, (not screwed or glued to the body) which provides more support the sound (sustain) and a super set tone, and better access to 24 home. Gotoh hardware (tuners and armored bridge floyd Rose), capture CABRERA Rock Custom, two key positions (on / on in place of the traditional push / pull) for the misalignment sensors, positioned just below the neck pickup, to expedite the gap, and a volume pot for pickup.

Pezo amplifiers, in the manufacture of traditional bass guitar amplifiers, is now launching in the market the G-30 (Guitar 30w), an amplifier, "small and nervous," perfect for stage and studio.
And soon the novelty Pezo comes with a amplifier JNT signature, finishing with personalized, powerful and with a tone "killer."

GROOVE STRINGS Strings groove, manufactured by Solez, are made from imported high-tech machinery that allows for automated control voltage of the core wire and coating. These automated machines making each rope rod Groove has its standard recipe, which is stored in the computer control system. This recipe defines voltage winding, core voltage and standardization of the final diameter of each string. The result is a homogeneous string with high ability to pitch and loudness. The wire core has a special format, which prevent the detachment and sliding of the jacket. All raw material used in the manufacture of ropes Groove is imported directly from vendors that specialize in string music. Particularly I use stringing GS2 (guitar 0009), has an extra low voltage, the rods are of Nikel Plated 8% (8% NPS) and materials in ATC, which favors the technique applied to the tool, visit: http: / /

FUHRMANN pedals, owner of an incredible variety of effects and drives, has a vintage look and sound "hot", please visit:

PALETTE FEREZ. The blades are manufactured by FEREZ SOLEZ in Brazil with imported raw materials (delrin pilocarbonato and high impact). Are presented in various models, differentiated by material, thickness and color. Product quality is equated with the best in the world. Particularly, I use the model DLN 0.75mm Jazz, please visit:

CABRERA pickups, high-performance pickups. With bar Alnico 2, 3 and 5, and ceramic. Soft sound with high output and zero noise. Fantastic finish. Has several models, from vintage classics to "high gain", particularly the models I use: Rock Custom, Pro Rock, Classic I and the Free Noise (single coil).

BASSO STRAPS accessories. Belts in leather, polypropylene, synthetic Italian, belts made from seat belts with a coupling bolt and disengage the instrument (the one I use), are beautiful and safe!