Ronnie James Dio: Tournado box set... a number will remain unsigned.

The Official Ronnie James Dio Fan Page REGARDING THE "TOURNADO BOX" Ronnie chose to personally sign each Box Set in small
amounts as orders were placed.

Due to Ronnie’s untimely passing, he was unable to sign the
rest of the sets.

We only made 1,500 of the “Tournado” Box Sets and we know
that every Dio fan will cherish it forever.

The rest of the Box Sets that are being shipped now are only
numbered and do not have an autograph.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will gladly refund
your purchase.- Niji Entertainment Group


  1. I just ordered one to get the song "Electra". Not concerned if it was signed. Class act by Niji Entertainment to offer a refund, but I want my copy to own as a fan.

    We Miss you Ronnie!

  2. Still waiting for mine!


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