Eric Maldonado: Into The Moonlight new CD

My album, "Into The Moonlight" is finished!! You can order it at

It is out on Elusive Sound Entertainment Records and the whole thing was Written and Produced by me.

I am so happy this album is finally finished, I worked for 1 year on this trying to make it the best I could. I am very proud of the production, playing and feel of the album. This album contains 9 instrumental songs written by me. I would like to thank God, my family, all my YouTube followers for supporting me through the years and some special friends - Aman Khosla, Dimi Nalbantov, Joop Wolters, Paul Tauterouff, Laurie Monk & PDXGuitarfreak for their continuous support and inspiration.

I would also like to thank the companies who stand behind me and endorse me:
-Halo Guitars
-AMT Electronics
-Guitar Pro 6

You can support me by purchasing the CD at my website on 10/10/2010:

- Into The Moonlight - My Debut Album Is OUT NOW! - Watch in 480p HD!

Quotes from great players about my album:

"Eric has the rare combination of chops and phrasing in his playing! The strong tunes and excellent guitar work is sure to please guitar and music fans alike!"
- Carl Roa

"Like Satriani did in the 80's in the midst of a generation of intense guitar players, Eric shows that a nice melody is worth showcasing, and a hair-raising solo is worth waiting for, which enhances the crazier moments. Rather that shoot off his best licks up front, Eric writes real songs and enhances them with great solos. Definitely a formidable young player to watch out for!"
- Chris Brooks

"Eric Maldonado is a young and talented player who has a keen ear for tone and musicality. His latest release is packed full of mellifluous montages, matched by memorable, magical guitar moments. Stand out cuts include "Hero Stand" and "Shadows", each track is chock full of sweet guitar tones, catchy hooks and scintillating solos... this CD's a keeper! "
- Laurie Monk

"Very Impressive! Playing way beyond his years, Eric has great tone, technique and cool tunes! Not to mention, a very bright future!"
- Rod DeGeorge

"Eric, I was really impressed with your playing and compositions especially at only being 15. Your well on your way to being a great player."
- Derryl Gabel

"Eric, you really have it all - a tasty, melodic playing style, excellent songs, killer vibrato and great tone!"
- Paul Tauterouff

"Eric, your music sounds already very mature and i know it will bring you far!! Good luck with your CD!!..Cheers."
- Joop Wolters

"Great compositions my friend, great sense of harmony and melodies plus I appreciate the fact that you know when to rip it and when to hold back! Keep up the awesome work Eric"
-Chris Pallas