Allan Holdsworth: describes the Gonan DeLap Baritone guitar

A Conversation with Allan Holdsworth (#80) 2005-10-05 Bill Milkowski

Allan Holdsworth - DeLap 36 inch Baritone in Japan

BM: Well, you've gone through so many instruments through the years. Do you still have your long neck baritone guitars?

AH: No, those are gone. Although Bill DeLap, the guy who built those baritone guitars for me, has made me another baritone guitar with a 34 inch scale that goes down to a C. The other baritone guitar I had, which I named Boris, was 36 inches and went down to B flat. And then I also had Gonan, which was the biggest one of all -- it was 38 inches long and went down to an A. And he made me a piccolo guitar too that was tuned up to a high A. I was trying to get a guitar orchestra going.

BM: But the one that you played last night was...

AH: Just a regular DeLap. You know, I designed a couple of guitars with Carvin and was on the road with those for a number of years, and I always had a few custom made headless guitars too. I was really fond of headless guitars. It's such a struggle for me to jump and forth from a headless guitar to a regular guitar. If you get used to playing a (headless) Steinberger, it's really hard to go back to a headstock. I can't really describe it, it just feels awkward. more

Now what happened to the Concrete Balloon record label?

[DeLap Baritone Guitar; single-string baritone guitar 31f6. B♭tuning range in the B♭1-F6. Allan Holdsworth (Allan Holdsworth) Bill Dirappu goods orders (Bill Delap) production, was owned by private collectors now.
Chord length 36inch (= 914.4mm). Bubinga neck on the body is alder wood. Duncan made of PU isPAF. It's made of nuts and Steinberger bridge. That can hear this guitar ※ CD Allan Holdsworth] [WARDENCLYFFE TOWER "Sphere of Innocence"solo

Allan Holdsworth - DeLap 38 inch Baritone