Anton Oparin: murmurator interview - an excellent insight into the life of a gifted player

Anton Oparin and Michael Oparin at the murmurator interview
''The father who matters''*: Interview with Anton and Michael Oparins: Moscow, October, 22nd, 2010
The fact that it won’t be a usual interview – it was my first interview with a musician in his father’s presence – was obvious in the beginning. But when we started speaking with Anton and Michael Oparins the interview turned out to be even more unusual than I expected. It was Michael who was basically speaking. Anton was totally satisfied with the situation and he was listening calmly giving his remarks from time to time. Moreover, the father and his son looked so naturally that in 10 minutes I got absolutely used to both frequent Michael’s replies in plural: “we are occupied with; we are still thinking of entering, we need to work on vibrato” – and to the fact that addressing myself to Anton I got Michael’s answer. After meeting with them I can say for sure that the fact that Anton Oparin as a guitarist began to be spoken about at the age of 8 (now he is 14) gives both him and his parents the credit. full interview