Milan Polak: the scary side of live playing in this excellent shred knowledge interview.

Milan Polak: shred knowledge interview
13 whilst on stage I split my trousers right down the leg and played side on for the set, whats the wors thing ever happened to you live ,?

Well, that would be something that happened on my last tour. I was in Italy. It was a cold month, snow and fog and that particular day the weather was especially bad. You know, one of those days where you just want to stay home. Also, it was during the week (I think Thursday) and not even 100 people showed up for the gig. The drummer started almost every song too fast (normally he played with a metronome, not sure what happened that night) and it was really hard to play and sing a lot of the songs.
We were getting close to the end of the gig and I announced the next song. I was waiting for the count in... nothing... waiting... nothing... I turned around just to find that the drummer wasn't behind his drum set anymore. It later turned out he had gone to the toilet to take a s..t!!! Right in the middle of the concert!
So there I was on stage not knowing what was going on. Since he didn't seem to show up again I started playing some sort of unaccompanied blues waiting for him to return. It was the worst moment on stage of my life. full interview