Rune Berre,David Locke,Nikolay Karageorgiev: T-Rex Blue Bug winners announced

Man this was a tough one to pick for those fantastic T Rex pedals. I would like to thank T-Rex for supplying the amazing prizes without which this type of competition would not be possible. T-Rex... you guys rule! If you are at NAMM, don't forget to check out the demo booth where they will have all the pedals

NAMM 2011: T-Rex launches Reptile 2, Twister 2, and Tonebug Sustainer

Reptile 2:
Originally conceived to offer the killer delay tone and certain controls found on its 'big brother' Replica pedal at a more affordable price, the Reptile gets a facelift for 2011. It now features a convenient Tap Tempo function, allowing the user to quickly and easily get in sync in a live setting. The Reptile 2 also features an enhanced set of Flutter controls, providing great retro-sounding, tape-delay 'warble'.

Twister 2:
Another classic T-Rex pedal updated for 2011! We gave the Twister a face-lift based on user feed-back, and it has been completely updated with new hardware and software. The Light / Heavy switch has been removed and the Twister 2 covers a wider tonal range than the original Twister. The new software update does the trick - by adjusting Depth, Tone and Rate, you can make Twister II deliver both old-fashioned vintage sound as well as a more modern chorus sound.

Tonebug Sustainer:
The Tonebug Sustainer joins this growing line of T-Rex pedals built with a simple philosophy in mind: to offer the classic T-Rex tone found in our higher-end pedals, with intuitive, uncomplicated controls, at a price that any guitarist can afford. The Tonebug Sustainer first compresses the signal, and then applies gain to keep your tone playing. The result is gorgeous, natural-sounding sustain for long-lasting power chords. Your tone is preserved, with no artificial colouring. Features Compression, Sustain, and Attack controls.

The Winners:
The backing track lends itself to be played over in so many ways and styles. I had to listen to the first round entries at least 3 times to decide who would go through on my list.  Each judge had their own list to complete but it was great to see that we ended up with similar lists at the end. Getting that down to the final 3 was super hard.... but here they are

"Blue Bug" competition with Milan Polak & T-Rex - TOP 3 picks

The full video winners set of winning solos

Milan Polak: T-Rex 'Blue Bug' Competition results