Harry K Cody: spotted in the late 1970, early 1980's

A recording session with the local band Bedlam in Skövde, Sweden, around 1979, when the group just had changed name to Shin Kicker. The band focused on rock classics and this was on of their popular numbers at their gigs. Recording engineer was Tommy Folkesson. This is the first demo this band made.
Members from 1977-1981:
HARRY KEMPPAINEN: Lead & Rhythm guitar & Lead vocals on this...
(...the young Harry K. Cody, later in Shotgun Messiah...)
TORD JACOBSSON: Drums and screaming
ROLF HARDARSSON: Lead & Rhythm guitar (1979-81)
JAN "JANNES WAX" GRÖNQVIST: Rhythm guitar & lead vocals (1977-78)

Keep A Knockin - Bedlam (Shin Kicker) 1977-81