News: The Flamethrower Guitar

This is the guitar that I built back when I was in the band Graceful Chaos in Seattle, WA. I'm not totally sure when this was but I think I was about 19, so probably around 2002. That's Cheeks, lighting the cigarette, who was also in the band at one point. There's a short clip of my friend Cattle at the end. I think he's drunk. It's from the original video so I just left it in. The music is Graceful Chaos - "Axe Attack".

The Flamethrower Guitar


  1. Hi Laurie. You're a hard worker indeed!

    I followed this link from your Youtube channel, and was pleasantly surprised...when do you sleep? Just kidding.

    I was also happy to see that Michael Schenker is still grinding it out and is appreciated.

    Take care and God bless. for daily music video uploads

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