Daniele Liverani: Eleven Mysteries in production

Daniele Liverani is back on guitar, and working hard on production of his third guitar album "Eleven Mysteries" which started in August this year.  Multi-instrumentist and producer Daniele Liverani(ex-Empty
Tremor, ex-Khymera, Genius rock opera, Twinspirits, Cosmics, Prime Suspect), after many years of projects and bands that saw him busy on keyboards is back on the 6 strings for a new instrumental album totally dedicated to the guitar.It's the third guitar album for Liverani, after VIEWPOINT (Produced in L.A. in 1994 and released later in 1999 by Virtuoso Records) and DAILY TRAUMA (2004/Frontiers).

The new album is already written and will be titled "Eleven Mysteries". The line up features new incredible young talents: the Italians Paco Barilla' on drums and Marco Zago on Keyboards, and american bass player Tony Dickinson. The album recording stared in August 2011 at Fear Studios, Ravenna, Italy.

Daniele says:"These new talents that are collaborating with me for this new album are absolutely phenomenal, both technically and musically, and  are definitely capable to offer a fresh sound to my songs  and
to my come back on the guitar..."

Due to this come back to the 6 strings, on a weekly basis, Daniele is shooting and publishing on his youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/dliverani) videos of songs taken from his 2 previous guitar albums.