Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm, Atma Anur: Jason Becker Fest 2011


Jason Becker Auction

Stunning performances by Guthrie Govan, Stuart Hamm and Atma Anur, during the Jason Becker's not Dead' festival, at the Patronaat venue in Haarlem, The Netherlands, on November 13th, 2011.

The festival was a mind blowing, near six hour marathon of world class guitar performances.

This clip is a single camera view from audience position, but a professional camera crew was also present to record the event in full, so watch out for the official video, to be released in the near future.
Guthrie Govan (extract from Wikipedia):
Guthrie Govan (born 27 December 1971 in Chelmsford, Essex, England) is a guitarist known for his work with the bands Asia (2001--2006), GPS, The Young Punx and The Fellowship as well as Erotic Cakes (a vehicle for his own music). He is a noted guitar teacher through his work with the UK magazine Guitar Techniques, Guildford's Academy of Contemporary Music and currently the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. He is also a former winner of Guitarist magazine's "Guitarist of the Year" competition.
Govan's debut solo album, Erotic Cakes, was released through Cornford Records in August 2006. In the album's sleeve notes, Govan states the album is named after an episode of The Simpsons; he also explains that when playing live, the band is billed as Erotic Cakes rather than simply Guthrie Govan. In addition to bass by Govan's brother Seth and drumming by Pete Riley, the album features guitar solos by Richie Kotzen (whose Los Angeles studio was used to record the guitar tracks on the album) on Ner Ner and Bumblefoot on Rhode Island Shred respectively. Seth Govan and Pete Riley also complete the Erotic Cakes live band. Previous versions of Waves and Rhode Island Shred appeared on the compilation Guitar on the Edge, Vol 1. no.4 (Legato Records, 1993). A version of his Guitarist of the Year winning piece, Wonderful Slippery Thing appears on the album. While this is his first album, Govan had been collaborating with drummer Pete Riley on the music since the mid-1990s.
In late 2011, Govan announced a new tour with new band "The Aristocrats", featuring Bryan Beller on bass and Marco Minnemann on the drums. Their self-titled album was released worldwide in September 2011.

About Stuart Hamm (extract from his website):
Through his innovative work as a solo artist and his contributions as a sideman to Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, Stuart Hamm has firmly established himself as one of the most influential electric bassists of the past half-century. Extending the non-traditional function of the electric bass previously revolutionized by Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke in the 1970s, Hamm helped to reshape the contemporary concept of the bass guitar as an unaccompanied instrument with the utilization of polyphonic, two-handed tapping, slapping and popping techniques, chords, and harmonics. Although Hamm certainly wasn't the first bass player to debut during the 1980s and employ an unorthodox approach to playing the electric bass, he was undoubtedly at the forefront of his generation who effectively fused the application of these unconventional techniques.
About Atma Anur (extract from his website):
Atma became a valued musician and drummer for Mike Varney's Shrapnel records in the mid 80s, and recorded a great many CDs on that label. Most of these CDs were recorded at Praorie Sun Recordings, located in Cotati Ca. Run by Mark "mooka" Rennek, it is one of the Bay Area's best recording facilities. On Shrapnel, Atma played with pivotal musicians such as Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine, Cacophony, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen and many more of Mike's amazing guitar discoveries. Under Mike Varney's direction many of these CDs were engineered and mixed by Grammy award winning producer Steve Fontano, and Prairie Sun's own "mooka" Rennick.
As Neal Schon of the rock band Journey said of Atma in Rolling Stone Magazine "Atma is the Jimi Hendrix of drums, the guitar player's drummer. "
Atma's guitar virtuoso sideman credits also include commercial guitar heroes Joe Satriani and Doug Doppler. Two of Doug and Atma's CDs: Ground Zero and Nu instrumental, were released in 2007 by Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label. Atma also recorded many CDs with Richie Kotzen, on various record labels between 1989 and 2005, including the Geffen Recordsrelease: Mother Heads, Family Reunion and the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey sound track.
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