Cherry Blossom: Sakura - #2 Fugue - 11 years old

Yngwie Malmsteen - #2 Fugue 桜花 SAKURA 11 years old

To commemorate the visit to Japan of Yngwie sensei,
I tried playing a nylon string the Fugue Yngwie Malmsteen of (Maestro). Guitar, the Fender Japan Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Model is STCL-140YM. It's sooo hard guitar, but my favorite sound!! In the ME-5 of BOSS, effector, Comp, chorus, and delay was over.In the clean channel of the Marshall JCM2000, amplifier, is MID boost + reverb. Distortion does not use the DS and OD so make the amplifier always. Cherry Blossom Sakura - Official WebsiteHttp://Www.Sakura-website.Com/