Cherry Blossom: Sakura - Loudness SDI - Yes that was two hands over the neck and yes 11 years old!

LOUDNESS S.D.I 桜花11歳 ギター少女

by topladymovie

Hello, this is cherry blossom. Is 11 years old. An SDI of LOUDNESS
I tried playing. It was up to the middle at the age of 10, but
I tried to play to the end once. ~ Difficult.
Phrase of Akira will be really study!
The amplifier, Marshall JCM2000, guitar
and (Jupiter) Fender Japan ST85
I used. PU is EMG81 & 59. Cherry Blossom Sakura - Official Website http://Www.Sakura-website.Com/

LOUDNESS SDI Cherry Blossom 11-year-old girl guitar