Dan James Griffin: 4AM - new album - late night compositions

4AM by Dan James Griffin - Composer


1.Butterfly 03:01
3.Martian Lounge 00:52
4.Forest Fly
5.Solace ft Ataciara
6.Low Tide
7.High Tide 03:56
8.White Noize ft Earmuffs & Tomwynne 02:25
9.First Blush ft Theone Dawes & Kill Miami
11.Another Dawn

This album was created late at night in various locations, absorbing inspiration from the surroundings.
releases October 19, 2017

Artwork By Daniel McBride - Mixed By Dan James Griffin - Mastered By Joe Barlow - Features from; Kill Miami, Theone Dawes, Earmuffs, Tomwynne and Ataciara - Guitars used; .strandberg* Boden OS8.

Dan James Griffin - Martian Lounge

Dan James Griffin - Low Tide