Tom Quayle, Tyler Larson: @ Guitcon 2017 - Music is Win Interview

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Channels and personalities in attendance:
That Pedal Show
Glenn Fricker (Spectre Media Group)
Frog Leap Studios
Robert Baker
Pete Thorn
CS Guitars
Music is Win
Phillip McKnight (Know your gear)
Pedals Fusion
The Tone King
Martin Miller
Pixxy Lixxx
Trey Xavier from Gear Gods
Frank Fleckenstein
Mary Spender
Pedals and Effects
Kiana Sommerfeld (The Adventures of Guitar Girl)
David Wallimann
Guitar Nerds
Tore from TC Electronic
Sean Pierce Johnson
Henning Pauly (EytschPi42)
Jason McNamara
Jennifer James
Vladimir Halinen

Tom Quayle @ Guitcon 2017 - Tyler Larson (Music is Win) Interview