Seth Rosenbloom: announces debut CD

Thanks to Seth Rosenbloom - Wow!! Absolutely overwhelmed by the huge support and response to my debut cd being released yesterday!! Thank you to everyone who’s given a shoutout, shared a status, and of course bought a copy.
If you’d like a physical copy or digital download - both formats are available exclusively through my website.
Today's the day!!! My debut CD is finally released and now available for purchase through my website!

Many of you know how long I've been working on putting recorded music out, and I'm really pleased with the results. Had a killer band play on this and recorded it at an awesome studio. Big thanks go out to (in no particular order) Eric and Matt at Wellspring Sound, Tom Appleman, Ken Clark, Jim Gwin, my parents for all their support and inspiration, Dan Verkys for the awesome logo and cover design, and Steffanie Vineyard Lafors for taking the photo for the cover. 

1. Wild About You Baby
2. I Don't Believe
3. The Way Things Used To Be
4. Nailed To The Wall
5. Gambler's Blues
Please do me a massive favor and like, comment and share to help spread the word!! Hope to see you at a show soon! — with Seth Rosenbloom.