Andres Nuñez: Guitar Idol 8 - Sterling JP 150 Demo | Beyond The Mirror

New guitar, New Composition!!

In this song, I tried to experiment new sounds with contemporary metal stuff and my own playing.

Now, For the price, this guitar is great, it has little esthetic details but is no problem for your playing. if you are considering buying this, I recommend you change the pickups, It'll sound much better, I'll do it too.

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Composition: Andres Nuñez
Recorded, Mix and Master: Andres Nuñez

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-Sterling Jp 150
-Bias FX
-Yamaha Trbx5
-EZDrummer 2
-Scarlet 2i2
Canon T3i with18-55 mm lens

Sterling JP 150 Demo | Beyond The Mirror - Andres Nuñez