George Lynch: Lynch MOB at TREES Dallas 2017

You know I revere George, seems as though every show just gets better. Oni Logan in top form, Sean McNabb as always, new kick-ass drummer. Great band. Have never seen GL play Les Paul Custom live, usually the ESP's and at Guitar Show some vintage Fender and recently Gibson, but . this is very cool tone in George's hands. Killer show, 1/3 old; 1/3 new; 1/3 improv. Doesn't get any better'n that. Extremely tight show, with the customary excellent sound at TREES in Deep Ellum, best I've heard there yet. Impeccable version of this iconic BAND, go see them.... NOW

Lynch MOB at TREES Dallas 2017 When HEAVEN Comes DOWN

Lynch MOB, Dallas, TREES 2017 Blues Funk Wicked Sensation Les Paul